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Park City Parking – We’ve got you covered.

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Traffic & parking in and around Park City is already close to maximum capacity. So, it begs the question: how can the impacts from the development at Mayflower mitigate those two critical elements? First off, the Mayflower area will include as many as 800 parking spaces which will interconnect to the Village Core through a transit system styled after Mt. Tremblant in Canada. It will also have a real mitigation impact on traffic - both vehicular and skier.  As to skier traffic, the new lifts out of Mayflower will go either up to Bald Mountain, or into the new terrain being created (by the way, most of this new terrain is north facing). Right now, the skier traffic for those taking the Jordanelle Gondola, puts them down in Snow Park – the busiest part of the resort at the busiest part of the day. As to vehicular traffic, there are no stop lights between the Salt Lake Airport and Mayflower, so day guests coming up from Salt Lake will get to the lifts much more quickly via Mayflower. And, those of us living or staying in any areas of Park City north of Old Town, or any in the Basin as well, will likely be better served staging out of Mayflower, at least with regards to traffic and parking.

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Who is Extell Development?

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Based on the preceding update, you may be asking “… who is Extell Development and do they have the capacity to pull this all together?” As a brief overview of their extensive portfolio, Extell has developed and/or owns 32 New York properties, including One 57 (New York City’s tallest residential tower), the Carlton House, and the Park Hyatt, among others. They also own and operate the iconic Four Seasons Vail. For additional details, you should take a moment and go to their website:  And then to this link, which while written just over a year ago, gives an accurate 3rd party review of the Mafflower transaction:

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Mayflower Parcels Closing Escrow

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  The Mayflower parcels on the east side of the Deer Valley Resort closed escrow on November 2nd. The seller is the Dutch investment group Stichting Mayflower Recreational Fonds (they have owned the property for many years), and the buyer is an affiliate of Extell Development. This update, and others yet to come, are designed to be informative as to what this transaction means to the Resort, and its guests and pass holders. You may already be somewhat up to speed on this expansion based on what you’ve heard on KPCW, or read in the Park Record, but what you may not know is the enormity of the undertaking, as what is proposed is almost as large as Canyons Village (the Canyons master plan is ultimately projected at +/- 4.1M SF, and this new Deer Valley lakeside area could be as much as +/- 3.8M SF).  Additionally, between 3 and 5 new ski lifts are in the conceptual design process by SE Group and Deer ValleyÒ. As to timing, we understand they expect to have several of the new lifts running for the 2019 - 2020 ski season, and the first phases of the real estate development underway by then as well. Our next blog will shed some light on Extell Development (the Buyer).  

Deer Valley Sale Closed

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The sale of Deer Valley just closed…. Now all we need is snow Just this week, it was announced the resort’s acquisition by a newly formed entity controlled by affiliates of KSL Capital Partners, LLC and Henry Crown and Company, has closed. So, Deer Valley is now part of a portfolio of 13 resorts, plus Canadian Mountain Holidays (a heli-ski operator). Its mountain resorts are in many of North America’s major ski regions: West - Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, Mammoth Mountain, Snow Summit, Bear Mountain, June Mountain, Deer Valley, Steamboat and Winter Park. East - Stratton Mountain, and  Snowshoe Mountain Resort Canada - Blue Mountain and Mont Tremblant. In our next few blog posts, I will be discussing the plans for the new Mayflower expansion of Deer Valley in detail and the implications for Park City.

April 2017

Park City History – Miners Hospital

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Miners Hospital...this iconic building was located at the base of Park City Mountain Resort...where Shadow Ridge Hotel is now.  It served Miners and their families locally so they didn't have to make the long trek to Salt Lake City facilities...It is now a community center.  I am grateful this historic gem was preserved!

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